Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this project in this location?

This location has been identified as a key component of the Town of Truckee’s river revitalization strategy. The project site has been vacant for decades. As guided by the Downtown Specific Plan for in-fill development, the site will be enhanced to become a pedestrian friendly location for the community and guests. The Downtown Specific Plan identified the site as a prime mixed-use opportunity and included a zoning designation of Downtown Mixed Use. Historically, the precedent in Truckee has been that corner locations at strategic entry points to the downtown core have been the site of lodging properties. Concurrent with the Downtown Specific Plan gateway element, the parcel’s corner is what people see when they first arrive downtown coming from the direction of Hilltop. The Hotel Avery project owners embrace the historical town heritage and envision the hotel to be a high quality, beautifully designed property that will make the Town proud. Hotel Avery is planned to completely align with the goals and policies of the Town’s General Plan, the Truckee Downtown Specific Plan, and the River Revitalization Strategy, which includes emphasis on infill development, engagement of the Truckee River and pedestrian oriented development. The project will create a welcoming sense of arrival at a primary corner gateway with boutique quality lodging and pedestrian friendly dining to connect people to the historic Town and river.

Aesthetics & Specifics

How will a building in this location impact view and will it fit in with the landscape and downtown architecture?

The project owners are dedicated to creating a project that is a beautiful part of downtown. The thoughtful architecture & design will blend with the downtown, respect the existing neighborhood and reflect the historical Truckee charm. The design incorporates attractive mountain architecture mixed with modern features that include an efficiently designed floor plan. The hotel will help connect the public with the Truckee River by providing public access, walkability and community gathering spaces. This will help ensure an even greater opportunity for the broader public and town locals to enjoy the Truckee River within a short walking distance of the historic downtown Commercial Row. 

How high is the building? Will it impact views? 

The Hotel Avery will have three levels above grade with a partial basement and building foundation level that can be seen from the river-side of the building. The majority of the building stands at approximately 42 feet, with the highest roof peak at approximately 49.6 feet. The building will not impede the view of downtown from the Cottonwood Restaurant & Bar.

What is the difference in scale from previously approved versions?

The building footprint is further set back from South River Street and smaller than the two previously approved versions of the hotel.  The project is well within the Town-designated 50-foot maximum height limit and three and a half story requirements. 

How does the form of the building of this version of Hotel Avery compare to the 2008 and 2015 approved versions?

In response to our community, we have decreased the overall size of the building to be smaller than the previously approved versions in terms of building footprint and depth including the lack of a full lower level basement that was included in the prior versions.

What is the size of the restaurant?

This proposal is 30 percent smaller in mass than two previously approved versions. The project is within the Town-designated 50-foot maximum height limit and three and a half story requirements. 

What are the size breakdowns of the hotel and guest rooms? 

Hotel Avery will be 33,000 square feet and three stories tall, housing 21 rooms as well as nine condos, some of which will have lock-off capability to be divided into hotel rooms. One-bedroom condo units will be 850 square feet and two-bedroom units will be 1,250 square feet. 

What is the expected price point for the condos?

The price range has not yet been finalized but will be commensurate with market conditions and the unique downtown, riverfront location. 

Community Benefits

Parking & Traffic

Where will the overnight visitors, restaurant guests and employees park when visiting Hotel Avery? 

Careful planning is underway to ensure the town and guests are provided with sufficient parking. Details are as follows: Parking includes approximately 40 onsite parking spaces plus 4 temporary drop-off parking spaces. The garage holds 27 spots that include a stacking system. There will be 15 spots in front of the hotel, 11 of which will count toward the hotel parking requirement per Town code, plus 4 temporary drop-off spots. The Town hired a parking and transportation consulting firm to do a detailed parking analysis to determine the required parking based on the hotel and restaurant uses. We are currently awaiting the parking analysis and recommendations from the consultant. Employee parking will be planned offsite as will any requirement for overflow parking. Parking is planned to be 100% on-site valet for all lodging guests and first-come, first-serve, based on on-site parking availability for dining guests. If on-site parking is full, dining guests will be directed to an overflow lot within short walking distance of the hotel. 

How will an increase in traffic be managed? 

LSC Transportation Consultants will be analyzing traffic impacts and suggesting mitigation measures designed to offset any impacts. This may include measures such as dedicated left and right turn lanes on South River Street onto Brockway Road, however, the traffic analysis will need to be completed first before any final determinations can be made regarding traffic mitigations. The hotel operation plans to encourage walking and biking. It will also offer a van shuttle to take guests to and from the local ski areas and summer attractions to help mitigate traffic impacts.

How will additional traffic impact dead-end streets and parking?

The hotel will implement a signage program reinforcing where hotel patrons are able to park and clearly stating where hotel and restaurant parking is not permitted.  Hotel staff will also help reinforce the parking regulations.

How will additional traffic impact ski traffic heading to area resorts? 

Hotel Avery plans to offer a complimentary shuttle for guests to-and-from area resorts. 

Environmental Stewardship

Is the Hotel Avery project energy efficient or does it implement any green initiatives? 

Hotel Avery is being designed to align with the Leadership in Energy Efficiency Design (LEED) and it will adhere to the Town’s development code that requires strict green policies. The hotel will encourage walkability, have bicycle parking, shuttle service, electric charging stations and incorporate solar energy efforts. The plan also calls for using native plants in landscaping and an underground infiltration and drainage system to reduce erosion.  

Environmental Benefits


What is Hotel Avery doing to meet the workforce and affordable housing requirements generated by the project?

The Hotel Avery intends to have one on-site dedicated workforce housing unit within the hotel. The unit would be a one-bedroom unit with living and kitchen area. The unit would more than meet the Town requirement for .59 of a workforce housing unit. Because the Hotel Avery also includes 9 condo-hotel units, which are designed to be a part of the nightly hotel rental pool, the Town is considering the units as residential and subject to the 15% inclusionary housing requirement. Given the physical constraints of the Hotel Avery parcel, it is not feasible to provide inclusionary housing on-site nor at an offsite location due to prohibitive local land and construction costs. Therefore, the Hotel Avery plans to pay an in-lieu fee equivalent to the 1.35-unit inclusionary housing requirement, which the Town can then leverage with other pooled funds to help facilitate the construction of inclusionary housing at another suitable location. 

When will Hotel Avery construction break ground?

We expect to break ground during summer 2019 with an opening date of summer/fall 2020. 

What will the atmosphere be like in the hotel?

Hotel Avery will be a unique, pedestrian friendly offering to the town’s historical charm and it will connect locals and visitors to a river dining experience.  The upscale lodging and dining establishment will be welcoming and not pretentious. Hotel clientele will appreciate high-quality lodging accommodations with walkability to downtown, close proximity to the river and a restaurant experience located right on the river’s edge. There is no similar offering in the area. 

Will the spa or any other amenities be open to the public?

The outdoor plaza will provide a public gathering place with access to the Truckee River, an open air bar and a riverfront dining experience for all to enjoy. Truckee’s new restaurant will serve 70 seats inside and in warmer months, 40 with outdoor deck seating. The spa and gym will be for hotel guests only. The project also creates a space to feature public art in a landscaped plaza.

Will the hotel plaza area be large enough to accommodate gatherings and truck access?

The plaza area will offer the public a beautifully landscaped gathering place and it will also provide fire access to first responders. The plaza will feature brick pavers, seating and bike racks as well as access to the deck and restaurant above the riverbank. The plaza is concurrent with the Downtown Specific Plan gateway element as the parcel’s corner is what people see when they first arrive downtown coming from the direction of Hilltop.

How will the property handle and store accumulated snow?

All snow on property will be plowed, loaded into trucks and hauled away. The hotel will be responsible for its own snow removal. The hotel plans to clear the sidewalk areas directly fronting the property and will work collaboratively with the Town to help insure that the bridge sidewalk is cleared. 

How will the hotel reduce 24/7 lighting from the lobby facing the neighborhood and noise late at night? 

All lights will be covered and focused downward to be night-sky-friendly. The outside design will feature tall planted greenery to block light at nighttime. The hotel will also use elegant window shades inside the lobby, In adherence to the existing Town noise ordinance, the hotel spa exterior deck area will close at 10 p.m. 


How will this project beneft the local economy?

It is estimated that the project will contribute more than $600,000 infusion annually into the local economy via taxes, jobs and visitor spending (including an estimated $200,000 in transient occupancy taxes per year). It will deliver approximately 100 construction jobs and 22 full-time hospitality jobs.  It will also boosts local economy by increasing visitor spending in town, offering a place for business meetings .  It delivers a key component of the Town’s river revitalization strategy to make productive and enhance a long-time vacant downtown lot .

Economic Benefits
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